Good Old Fashioned AI

GOFAI Courses

Prerequisites: Intro CS & Coding.
Recommended path
  • For this module, we'd recommend going through CS188 and CS221 as both courses partially cover different topics. For instance, CS188 has more information on search, whereas CS221 has section on logic. You can skip the RL material in both courses, if you already learned about it through the Intro to RL module or if you intend to take the RL module later on.
  • The 6.034 course is very complementary and has a few lectures on topics not covered in either 188 or 221 (e.g. Society of Mind). So, use it as as a resource for additional lectures as Watson is a great at breaking down concepts, which could help clear out any confusion you might have.
Difficulty Level
UC Berkeley - CS188 Intro to AI
This course is not solely focused on GOFAI but could be seen as more of a sampler of different topics in AI, ranging from search to game trees to RL to Neural Nets and Robotics. The lecture videos are from 2018, but the 2019 website has some nice complementary discussion videos of the material covered in class/exam prep.
Stanford - CS221AI: Principles and Techniques
While neural nets and optimization are introduced towards the end of CS188, it marks the beginning of CS221. The course is generally similar to CS188, but it also covers a bit of game theory and has a couple of lectures on logic, which is a big topic that's missing in CS188. Both courses have excellent assignment and exam material.
MIT - 6.034 AI
Some of the best lectures/explanations on basic neural nets, search, SVMs and games by the late Patrick Winston. Since the lectures are from 2010 (so before ImageNet), the content has a bigger emphasis on older ideas like Society of Mind and rule-based expert systems.
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Supplementary Resources
AI a modern approach
Russell, Norvig - AI - A Modern Approach
The most useful resource for studying this topic. This book has numerous chapters on search, logic, probabilistic reasoning etc. You can also find the solutions for most exercises online.
Learng Prolog Now - Online version
This book is a great resource for learning Prolog, the most popular programming language for logic.
A course that dives deep into the Society of Mind idea by the late Marvin Minsky.